Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

This is my second day without bread or sugar.  Except for those four cookies yesterday. But other than that, I’m good.  I’ve come to believe that refined sugar is a poison, which sounds extreme, but I think it may really be killing us. And my bread eating habit, amounting to six or seven slices on any given day, is out of control. So I’m trying to live without bread (which is really just sugar in sheep’s clothing) and without sugary foods like cookies and any kind of dessert worth eating.  

Today instead of my customary sandwich for lunch I had two hard boiled eggs, a couple of those cute triangular cheeses and an apple.  It was good actually.  I went out into the back yard, sat in the sunshine and ate my lunch with organic Italian grapefruit soda instead of lemonade in my Arnold Palmer.  Although, come to think of it, there is probably sugar in the soda.  Rats. Okay, I’m new to this; it may take me a day or two to get the hang of it.

So while I was in a sugar-free mood, I thought it would be fun to purge my writing of sugar-related descriptions and phrases along with my diet.  Not for any particular reason, and not permanently, but just for the exercise. And here’s my list; see what you can add to it:

Sweetie Pie, Honey, Sugar, Cupcake, Sweetness, Sweetpea (at a pinch), Sweet as honey, Sweet on someone, Sweet tooth, Revenge is sweet, Short and sweet, Sweet nothings, Sweet talking, a Sweet deal, Sweet FA, Sweet nothings, Sweet talk, the Sweet smell of success, Take your own sweet time, Sweet sixteen, Home sweet home, Sweeten the pot,  Sweetness and light, Sweet Caroline, Sweet Adeline, Sweet Jesus, Sweet home Alabama, Sweet rolls, Bittersweet, Sweetener, Say sweetly.  

Then there’s the honey trap:  Sweet as honey, Land of milk and honey, Honey roasted, Honey I’m home, Honeybun, Honeymoon, Honeyed words.

Hotcakes, Take the cake, Cake (meaning money), Have your cake and eat it, Icing on the cake, Caked with mud, Piece of cake.

And of course, Mary Poppins’ immortal Spoonful of sugar.